FR3210M UV-Hybrid-Digitaldrucker

FR3210M UV Hybrid printer is the most popular and functional UV Hybrid Printers with their 3200mm printing width. When working area is limited and different material types are needed to be printed, the FR3210M will be the most useful and profitable choice with their state-of-art Kyocera, Ricoh and Konica printheads. With extension tables at the back and front, they can print unlimited length of rigid and flexible medias thanks to the vacuum belt feeding and conveying system.
Using the UV ink they can print excellent images on various rigid medias, such as glass, acrylic, wood, PVC foam board, KT board, polycarbonate, MDF, aluminium, cellphone case, ceramic tiles, and flexbile materials like banners, vinyl, mesh, and so on.

Also, they offer various ways of printing the white color, and can print the three-layer spot colors which means printing color-white-color at one time.

The printhead options are Konica Minolta 1024i 6-13pL, Ricoh Gen6 5pL and Kyocera KJ4A 4pL . The printing colors are Lc Lm Y M C K , White and Varnish are optionals!

The industry favourite

Key figures

Max Print Size

3.2m x unlimited

Machine Type

UV Hybrid Digital Printer

Print Heads

Konica 1024i Max 4 Reihen/ Kyocera Max 3 Reihen/Ricoh G6 Max 6 Reihen

Max Print Height


Model                                     FR3210M

Printing Size                         3.2m x unlimited

Printhead                             Konica 1024i/Kyocera/Ricoh G6

Media Thickness:                35mm

Colors                                    CMYK, White, LcLm

Resolution                            Kyocera 726*2400dpi

Printing Speed                    High Speed (3 Row) 120sqm/h

Ink Type                                UV Ink(Medium/ Flexiable)

Curing System                     UV LED(water cooling)

Rip Software                         Sai/ ONYX

Environment                       20℃-28℃; Humidity 40%-60%

Power Supply                     50/60Hz 220V

Dimention                           5890x1500x1580mm; 2685Kgs;


Print Speed: Up to 110 ㎡/hr

Anti-crash Sensor, Resume print after E-stop

Vacuum Convey-belt System

Industrial Take up & Feeding System

Belt automatic deviation correction Function

White Ink Recirculation System

Auto ink volum alarm system