DTF 300 MAX PET Film Printing Machines

DTF Direct to film printing is an excelent printing process to the inkjet garment, Textile  decoration that doesn`t require any pre-treatment work for CMYK and White ink.

It is a much better and cost efficience solution compared to DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing Solutions.

DTF application is best for professional workwear  and Sportsarticles such as softshell jackets, gym, Trousers , cycling wear, overalls, high viz,  and much more . The big advantage is,  it will not crack while screen printing has a very soft hand due to the water-based ink used.

The industry favourite

Key figures

Max Print Size


Machine Type

DTF A300 MAX Printer

Print Heads

EPSON XP600 5th Generation 6 Color Nozzle

Max Print Height

A3/A3 Roll Materials

Name : DTF A300 MAX Printer

Model : DTF A3

Printer Head : EPSON XP600 5th Generation Color Nozzle

Max Print :  A3/A3 Roll Materials

Max Printing thickness : 1-2mm

Printing material : Heat transfer PET film

Printing  Quality : True Photographic Quality

Ink Type : DTF pigment ink

Ink System : CISS Built Inside With Ink Bottle

Printing  Speed : 4colors: 6pass 8m²/h || 6colors: 6pass 6m²/h

Operating System : WINDOWS 7/ 8/10

Software : Maintop or PP19

Voltage : 110V/220V

Power : 800W

Working Environment : Temperature 15°C ~ 30°C, Humidity 50%~75%

Machine Size : 950*600*450mm

Package Size : 1700*1200*85mm

Machine weight : 130Kg


Powder shaking machine

Max media width : 350mm

Speed : 40m/h

Voltage : 220V

Power : 3500W

Heating & Drying : 6 stage heating , drying air cooling


From the original linear inkjet printing method to staggered inkjet printing, the printing speed is doubled than original speed

With automatic deviation correction, the film will not run, will not arch, and will not wipe the nozzle. White ink and CMYK ink fits perfectly

Upgraded the location of the suction system to dissipate heat and extend the life of the motor

Conical powder box, reduce the burden on the motor, and extend the life of the motor.