UV LED for EPSON DX4 / DX5 and DX7 heads

UV LED for EPSON DX4 / DX5 and DX7 heads

Our range of UV inks is extended by a UV LED curing ink:

The Inkstream Ink Series UV LED ULTRA EPS 526

It has been developed especially for LED UV printers with unheated DX4, DX5 and DX7 heads and is characterized by excellent adhesion and flexibility on a variety of media.

For difficult materials and glass, there are also various adhesion promoters and primers for this ink series:

  • Inkstream UV LED ULTRA 7025 especially for printing on glass, aluminum dibond and other aluminum composite boards
  • Inkstream UV LED ULTRA 7020 especially for printing on polypropylene and acrylic
  • Inkstream UV LED ULTRA 7030 especially for pressure on styrene, Lexan and other polycarbonates.

The ink manufacturer has been a leader in the development of LED UV inks for more than 10 years, offering not only ecological and economic benefits, but also improved productivity.

Here are the advantages of UV LED curing inks compared to normal UV ink:

  • Inkstream UV-LED curing inks contain virtually no volatile organic Connections (VOCs)
  • Ink-stream UV-curing inks use less energy during curing
  • Ink-stream UV-curing inks harden colder and produce less surface heat.


  • Avoidance of ozone production – appropriate ventilation is unnecessary
  • Higher productivity because no lamp warm-up time
  • Reduced heat allows pressure on sensitive and thin materials
  • UV Led curing lamps last longer
  • Reduced material consumption and less downtime than with mercury lamps