UV Ink, 5 Colors Quality inks from InkStream

Perfect for APEX Printer MT-FV4060UV & MT-FV6090UV


  • Innocuous, low content of arom-hydrocarbon, harmful metal element free;
  • High curable velocity, suitable to high velocity printing;
  • With advanced anti-tack agents, smear-free;
  • Vivid color, high color concentration, clear-cut halftone dot;
  • Excellent adaptability, excellent on-machine transferring


  • Color: C/M/Y/K/W
  • Light fastness7 to 8
  • Odor slight
  • PH: 6.5-7.5
  • Viscosity: 4-6cps/25°C
  • Flash Point:100°C
  • Surface Tension: 20-24 Dynes/cm
  • Filtration precision:0.5μm
  • Media: Acrylic, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, PC, PVC, ABS, PS etc material etc.
  • Applicable Printer Head: Epson DX5, desktop DX7, desktop Printer Head
  • Applicable: UV Lamp LED lamp(wavelength:395nm)
  • Package: 500ML/1000ML(250ML for samples) Ink name:UV light curable inks