VarnishPRO V475

can make 3D raised effects. Adopting JETPLUS UV ink for using wide range of papers. It shows an excellent effect in the varnish finishing in particular. Not only post-processing equipment, can proceed to color printing at the same time.

  • High quality product with Perfect varnish finishing
  • Add a high value to your product
  • In reality your imagination


Print samples

varnishpro_v475_magazin_cover varnishpro_v475_transparency_paper varnishpro_v475_name_card varnishpro_v475_photos varnishpro_v475_patterns

Add value with varnish finishing


Among the advantages offered by the VarnishPRO V475 are high-level Clean and precise glossy effect with JET PLUS varnish ink. VarnishPRO V475 can print on the surface without lines. You can expect the synergistic effect of the added value by applying a specific texture or pattern on the product.  Optimized for Various types of sample work There are many mass production printers in the world, which are similar to our process. But, there is no printer that can handle up small print such as us. Consumers, who want to print small quantities of various kinds, are growing increasingly.
*You can load up to 100 sheets of paper into the printer.

Lower cost

lt represents the print quality and the 3D effect comparable to expensive equipment previously released.  You can achieve a high value at a reasonable initial cost.



Sure quality

Add high impact to an ordinary printed output.  Varnish thickness is up to 250micron with special varnish ink

Automatic Paper sorting and supplying system


The VarnishPRO V475 has a special device for sorting and supplying material. This system is less affected on the type and thickness of the Paper. And then align the media to the correct location for varnish processing.





Various printing sequence

Applicable to a wide range of print settings to the different materials and INK COMBINATIONS types of paper. The varnish coating to a specific spot on printed materials, or can print a color and varnish at the same time.



Larger than A3 size (Up to 310x 500 mm)
Material weights from 135gsm to lOOOgsm
Material thickness up to 3000micron(3mm)

Easy operation with optimization RIP software

Visuallink Pro! consists of a user-friendly and easy interface. Can use various print mode and easy settings.