Foil 3D P

is able to foiling finish module that works in line with JETPLUS VarnishPRO V475. Foil 3D P can produce brilliant foil effect quickly an easily without regard to the production volume. Foil 3D P produces a luxury effect for a wide variety of applications; book covers, album covers, greeting cards, commercial prints, reports, various fancy goods, stationery items, and more specifically in flat materials.





Print Samples

foil_3dp_pic1 foil_3dp_pic2 foil_3dp_pic3 foil_3dp_pic4 foil_3dp_pic5


Automatic printout supplying system

The Foil 3D P has a special device for supplying material. This system is less affected on the type and thickness
of the materials.


Available for various sizes of materials

Available materials from A4 up to 325X500mm.


Hot foiling or Cold foiling

lt can be set according to the type and thickness of the materials


Add different value to your products

A large variety & color of hot and cold industry standard foil films are available with the Foil 3D P.


Easy to use and fast

The setting is simple and easy exchange of foil film.



  • Foiling method:
    Foiling system in line with VarnishPRO
  • Paper size:
    Up to 325 xSS O(mm)
  • Material weight:
    From 80gsm –
  • Material thickness:
    From O.lmm(lOOMicron)~
  • Foil Roll size:
    Maximum 320mm width and 100m of length.
  • Substrates:
    Foiling on varnish printed surfaces, without coating layered paper Plastic, PVC, Sticky material, and other coated materials.
  • Media:
    Automatic material supplying belt
  • Dimensions:
    981 x 590 x 1200 mm(L x W x H)