InkStream K3+ | Type ECO SOLVENT

InkStream K3+ | Flatbed Eco Direct Printer

(8 colors x 250ml ink bottles) (A3+ 290mm x 600mm / printing size), 80kg

  • Flatbed printer based on Epson R2400 digital Directprinter using 6 colors for UV (B, C, M, Y, W, W, SW, V)
  • Economic cost with printhead and spare parts
  • Customizing printing solution for golfball, baseball, mobile phone case, wood artworks and any surface
  • Compatible Ink : ESD (eco solvent direct ink) / ESP (eco solvent pc ink) / ESL (leather ink)




  • NO pre treatment necessary
  • EASY OPERATION with RIP Software


  • PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: Micro Piezo Head / EPSON R2400
  • HEIGHT UP TO: 100mm (4.0“)
  • PRINTING AREA: A3+ 290mm x 600mm (11.4“ x 23.6“)
  • INK CARTRIDGES (Type): 250ml Ink Pack System
  • COLOR: Eco Solvent Standard Ink 8 Colors (PN, C, M, Y, LC, LM, LB, LLB)
  • MAXIMUM RESOLUTION: 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • INK CURING UNIT: Halogen Lamp Rear & Front, Heater for Flatbed, White Color Support
  • DIMENSION: 740 x 890 x 530 mm / 30 x 35 x 21 inch
  • WEIGHT: 80 kg / 175 LB
  • PRINTING SUBSTRATES: PVC, ABS, Wood, Stone, PU, Leather, Aluminum, Iron, Acrylic, AS, Ceramic, Glass