UV3040 Kostengünstiger Digitaldrucker

Small size UV LED Digital Printer, 300mm * 400mm Printing Size :  Suitable to all of the materials .  It can print derectly on flat media material with water proof, UV Proof and Scratch proof with embossing effects.  It print`s on nearly all Materials like wood , glass, ceramic, ABS, stone ect!

Photo Quality Printing With Epson printhead, 3,5pl drop, can print 2pt texts very sharp.  It print White Color and CMYK at same time!

This 300 x 400mm size printer is ideal for personalized gift or item`s directly. The printing quantity usually is not so huge, so a desktop size will be better to meet their needs for its small space-taking, and lower price.   Small size printer usually is easy operated, which make it easy to print on products of varying shapes and materials. The built-in UV-LED lamp cures the inks instantly as they are printed for rock-solid, durable imprints on metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, fabric, vinyl and more.

Auto Height Sensor Function
Smartly Detect the Distance between Media and Printer Head

Power Clean
Cleaning Can be Made Without Connection to PC.

Water Cooling System
Water high specific heat capacity, density, and thermal conductivity, allows Water to transmit heat more easily. So it can more efficiently cool down UV LED light, in order to prolong its lifetime.

UV Light Brightness Adjust
Adjust UV light Brightness to Fit Curing Needs.

Special Fixtures, Bulk Production
To increase the output of production for special product, INKSTREAM supplies specific fixture which makes it possible to implement a batch printing. Contact Now, to custom your unique fixtures for special promotion items.

Vacuum table
1, Consists of a typically flat rigid surface in which exists small holes to evacuate air from under a workpiece, as to apply varying vacuum from between the desired workpiece and table to maintain a clamping force.
2, To make the soft printing materials like leather more smooth and level, to get the best printing result.

Rotary System: Optional

The industry favourite

Key figures

Maximale Druckgröße

300 mm x 400 mm




2pcs EPSON XP 600

Max. Druckhöhe

0 ~ 75mm

Modell : A3 UV-Drucker

Druckhöhe : 0 ~ 75mm

Druckgröße : 300*400mm A3

Rotationssystem : Optional

Maschinengröße : 1070*960*500mm

RIP S/W : Fotoausdruck

Druckkopf : 2pcs Epson XP 600

Tintenfarbe : C/M/Y/K/W/V

Betriebssystem : Windows 7/10

Auflösung : 720*1440 dpi

Druckgeschwindigkeit : A4 Picture 111`


Art des Drucks : Color- CMYK W V

Leistung Volt : AC 220V

Gewicht : 105KG

Temperatur : 20-30°C

Druckkopfschutz, automatische Reinigung, Blockier- und Befeuchtungsfunktion

Optionales Drehsystem



Das fertige Produkt ist wasserdicht, UV-beständig und kratzfest

Fertigprodukt ist für den Außenbereich geeignet

Maximale Druckgröße: 30 * 40 cm

Die UV-Lichtquelle kann eingestellt werden

Automatische Höhenmessung


Kleiner UV Drucker aber mit hoher Druckgeschwindigkeit