We at OEM Distribution GmbH i. L. are your ideal service and technology partner for digital printing systems, inks and accessories. What is technology without a function? What use the low price when the system is not working?
We are your experienced service and technology partner for digital printing systems such as UV-LED digital printers, DTG (Direct to Garmet / textile printers) and ECO solvent printing systems.

We would be happy to advise you, help you with installation and training in order to ensure a smooth production process.

Many of our partners have our digital printer systems running continuously in three shifts for over 7 years. One of our long-term customers is the innovative company “DD” located in Bad Kreuznach/ Germany with over 26 installed printer systems.

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For our other industrial customer`s we have designed and developed UV LED digital printers with different platforms, the left hand side for flat printing and the right hand side with an electronically adjustable table to personalize tall industrial housings, suitcases, soccer balls, urns and other material items.

    • Since 2014 we have been offering our customers constantly functioning technology, competent service and fair conditions: the basis of our work.

Our brand “INKSTREAM” stands for experience in quality and innovations. With many years of experience in sales and technical support in OEM sales, we are the perfect partner for your business. The innovative Inkstream flatbed printers offer you the possibility to print different materials without pre-treatment. Printing on wood, stone, plastic, aluminum, metal, PVC, polycarbonate, leather, acrylic, ceramic, ABS, AS and even glass is no problem. The advantage of the direct printing process is obvious, it is no longer necessary to use a primer or to print one color at a time. The result is fast, top-quality printing, regardless of the surface or color of the substrate. The Inkstream digital printers are built to the highest production standards and offer the best results with a long service life. With its innovative height detection system, the print head is automatically adjusted to the material height. By using UV LED printers with Inkstream UV inks, you can achieve vivid, brilliant colors with high stability. The eco-solvent printers and inks combine good printing results with 100% environmental friendliness. The rotary system (optional) enables the printer to print on curved materials such as plastic bottles, candles or the like. And the software is also tailored to your needs: The easy-to-use WhiteRip software from EV Network has an intuitive user interface and is ideally suited for operating a single printer. It supports all currently used graphic formats like JPG, TIFF, BMP, PSD and many others. If you use a network of INKSTREAM digital printers or would like to integrate your INKSTREAM digital printer into an existing network with printers from other manufacturers, our partner RIP & software programs are the best choice. The Flexi workflow offers the best connectivity and flexibility with a user-friendly interface and support for multiple printers. In fully automatic mode, the software is perfect for print service providers; in manual mode, it can process special print jobs and small production quantities.

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